Type: Full-time


  • Portage Park

Administrative Site:

Post Date: December 4, 2018

Close Date: December 31, 2018


Position Summary

Schedules appointments for all PrimeCare Health Centers.


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Models PrimeCare’s mission, philosophy and values
  2. Has a complete understanding of the scheduling system for scheduling of patients, as well as looking up previous balance to help assist patients.
  3. Is proficient in running necessary reports to determined missed appointments, and walk in appointments
  4. Removes phones for the answering service
  5. Forwards clinics phones to the main scheduling number.
  6. Update and uses resource book as a tool for all updates
  7. Demonstrates proficiency in using the patient management system
  8. Continually updates patient’s demographic information by asking current phone, emergency contact information
  9. Asks patient to bring in all of their medications.
  10. Verify patient’s PCP to ensure that patient is scheduled with the correct provider
  11. If patient’s PCP is not available the day the patient requests an appointment, schedule the patient with another provider in that pod.
  12. Needs to be knowledgeable about insurance information in order to answer patient questions
  13. Adheres to HIPPA requirements
  14. Gives patient correct information regarding appointment times and when to arrive at the health center for their appointments
  15. Gives patients accurate information regarding fasting requirements for their tests
  16.  Takes detailed messages, providing accurate information for the providers and initials the message
  17. Gives all messages to the Medical Record’s Coordinator, so that the clinic chart can be pulled in a timely manner
  18. Does reminder calls for next day appointments
  19. Calls recalls from the monthly recall list
  20. Calls all patients from PHO, HMO and missed appointments for routine health maintenance
  21. Maintain and organized and clean work environment.
  22. Demonstrate initiative and organize your work.
  23. Provide at least 2 hours’ notice for an absence or tardiness, by calling the Director of Practice Management or her designee
  24. No more than 5 days of tardiness or unscheduled absences in one year.
  25. Maintain patient confidentiality.
  26. Complies with the health center dress code
  27. Complies with policies and procedures of the health center regarding cell phone use and internet use.
  28. Attends all health in services and educational offerings
  29. Reviews memos and minutes of all staff meetings
  30. Submits accurate timesheets every Friday before payday.
  31. Maintains flexible work schedule
  32. Understands the Health Disparities and how it affects the provision of care
  33. Participates in QI activities as directed.
  34. Enters changes into Medorizon and maintains the on line monthly physician schedule. Checks e-mail daily for any provider changes in the schedule.
  35. Translate for providers when requested to
  36. Reports complaints and unusual situations to the person in charge.
  37. Performs other duties as assigned


Customer Service:

  1. All patients are to be treated are to be treated respectfully.
  2. Questions are to be answered to the best of your ability, and if you are unsure, you are to take their name, concern and telephone number and give it to the Director of Practice Management or in her absence her designate, to follow up. Never be rude to a patient.
  3. Answer phone on 3rd ring with the following greeting: “good morning (or what is appropriate), stating the name of the health center, your name and how can I help you. When finishing the call—say “ it was my pleasure to help you”
  4. Always be polite to the caller and if there is a customer that is upset and you cannot handle the situation, find the appropriate person to help them.
  5. If the caller must be put on hold, retrieve the call as soon as possible and thank them for waiting.
  6. Demonstrate professionalism in all your dealings with patients, providers and fellow staff.
  7. Exemplify service to the community and “quality at all levels”
  8. Model PrimeCare’s mission, values and philosophy with all of your dealings


Required Knowledge, Experience, or Licensure/Registration

  1. High School Diploma
  2. Computer knowledge
  3. Bilingual in English and Spanish
  4. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  5. Excellent customer service skills
  6. Ability to multitask