Welcome to PrimeCare Community Health, Your Medical Home!

PrimeCare’s Mission is to promote wellness and provide accessible, compassionate, and culturally respectful health care in partnership with our patients and the communities we serve. As part of that mission, PrimeCare serves as a medical home to our patients. Your medical home is the health center where you go for regular checkups and when you are sick. Your medical home is also the place that you get referrals for specialty care, like eye, heart, or lung doctors.

Your Care Team

At your medical home you will be assigned to a provider-led care team. All members of the team have important roles in ensuring that your care meets your needs and is of highest quality. Your care team includes: your primary care provider (your doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant), medical assistant care coordinator, and nurse care manager. You care team may also include a behavioral health specialist and a case manager.

Access to Care

We are open during business hours, and also have evening and weekend hours to make sure you can see us at a time works for you. We reserve appointments with all providers for same day and next day scheduling to meet any urgent or routine needs that you have. As an established patient you also may schedule appointments via our Patient Portal. We strongly encourage you to sign up for our Patient Portal at your first visit.

If you need clinical advice, you can call PrimeCare’s main number (312-633-5841). During clinic hours you will be able to speak with a member of your care team. After clinic hours, you will speak with the on-call physician. If you need to see a provider after hours, the on-call physician will direct you to the best place to obtain after hours care.

You can also get clinical advice that is not urgent by sending your care team a message through our Patient Portal.

Approach to Care

Your medical home offers medical care for the whole family, behavioral health care, case management, and enrollment services to help you better understand and use your insurance coverage. We can also help you sign up for insurance, and we will take care of you regardless of your insurance status

Your care team will provide you and your family with care that is evidence-based. This means that PrimeCare doctors and other providers follow scientifically proven guidelines to give you the best care.

You can come to us when you are sick, but we also want you to come for routine visits designed to help you get healthier, usually at least once per year. You will be offered routine screening tests and other health prevention services as recommended by the United States Preventative Health Services Task Force. This is the foremost group in the U.S. for advising medical professionals in providing preventative care.

Your care team will take a complete medical history including current and past medical problems, surgical history, medications, allergies, social history, family history, immunizations, and health status. After you establish care with PrimeCare, we will reach out to you in managing any chronic illnesses you have. We will work with you to ensure that you receive the needed testing and treatment to keep your illness under control and to prevent complications.

If needed, our nurse care managers provide patient and family education in one-on-one education sessions and family or group education sessions. At every visit you will be provided educational handouts in your preferred language to help you better understand your care.

Our nurse care managers may work with you to set goals and to better manage any long-term or chronic illnesses you have, such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease.

Care Coordination

Your care team will help coordinate the care you receive in the clinic, hospital, at specialist visits and at other facilities. Your medical assistant care coordinator will assist you so that any necessary referrals for testing or to specialists are reviewed and authorized by your insurance carrier.

If you see a provider outside of PrimeCare, please tell them your primary care provider is at PrimeCare. Also, please let us know who you saw. That way, we can get your medical records from them, so we can take better care of you.

Every PrimeCare health center has a health information specialist (medical records technician) who works with new patients to obtain medical records from your former provider. This team member will also coordinate receiving information about care you receive outside of the PrimeCare.

Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral health services are provided on-site. These include treatment for common mental health problems such as depression or anxiety, stress reduction, overcoming barriers to managing your health problems and grief counseling. Ask you care team if you would like to see one of our behavioral health specialists.

Case Management Services

Case managers are located at all PrimeCare sites. These team members are available to assist you with obtaining important services outside of your medical home, such as assistance with transportation, housing, utilities and food. They also work closely with home health agencies and community-based agencies to ensure that you and your family obtain any needed support in managing your daily lives. Case managers also may work with the other members of your care team in assessing your risk of health complications and in coordinating your care.

Dental Services

PrimeCare believes oral health is an important part of overall health. Therefore, we offer basic preventive, restorative and emergency dental services to our patients. This includes exams, cleanings, fluoride application, fillings, sealants and removal of teeth. With an emphasis on prevention and education, we strive to provide quality, affordable and accessible oral health care to patients of all ages within an integrated health care model.


PrimeCare believes that quality health care without barriers is a right. We are committed to serving all patients. We accept private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and have a financial assistance program for eligible patients. Ask to speak to one of our enrollment specialists if you have questions about insurance or would like to apply for financial assistance. We will provide you with information about how to obtain insurance or financial assistance and assist you throughout the process.


If you have questions, ask a member of your care team or speak with the practice manager located at your clinic.

Periodically, PrimeCare will ask you to provide feedback on the services you have received. This is important so that we provide the highest level of service. Please be assured that all responses are confidential.

If we do not meet your service needs in any way, please ask to speak to the practice manager or medical director at your medical home. If your needs still are not met or if a member of the clinic leadership team is not available, please call the Chief Operating Officer at 312-491-5034. We will respond as soon as possible.

Quality Performance Metrics

PrimeCare Community Health Quality Performance Information

Preventive Care Measure

Breast Cancer Screening, Mammograms, Female Patients Ages 50-74

July 2013 – July 2015

Practice Site Numerator: Female Patients Ages 50 to 74 with Mammogram completed Denominator: All Female Patients Ages 50 to 74 Percentage of Female Ages 50 to 74 with Mammogram completed
Hamlin 31 55 56%
Fullerton 122 197 62%
North West 362 547 66%
Portage Park 348 610 57%
West Town 305 578 53%

Result Notification Report

PrimeCare provides notifications of results to patients using our Patient Portal. Our Patient Portal gives patients access to their medical records via browser or mobile app. Result notifications are automatically sent to our Patient Portal users.

View Patient Experience Survey – March 2015

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